Sunday, 28 October 2012

Rainbow Alphabet of Joy

Rainbow Alphabet of Joy
Accept all things good. Avoid anxiety.
Be aware of beauty. Banish boredom. Bring out the bunting!
Create a calm, caring, confident, coping character.
Develop a delectable demeanour. Dream! Delight in the day!
Embrace exciting episodes. Expect! Encourage! Enjoy! Exhult!
Fling yourself into fun. Find friends. Fizz! Forgive and forget.
Grab onto the good. Get going...Be grateful.
Help others. Hope. Happiness is infectious.
Insist on what is right. Imagine your ideas. Impress as an individual.
Jump for joy! Share jokes. Jive and jubilate! Jazz up your day!
Keep on!  Kiss! Kindle a sparkle of kindness.
Listen. Learn to love. Love to learn. Less is more. Let go...
Make time. Manage on less. Make merry!
Never give up. Notice nature. Say no to naughtiness…
Open your heart to opportunities.
Please yourself and please others. Pray! Plant a poppy. Prepare and perform a poem.
Quietly equate your qualities. Quit negative questioning. Query your quest.
Rejoice in the real. Revel in rightness. Remember...
Sing! Stride out with a spring in your step. Sparkle! Sizzle! Smile!
Take time to enjoy the little things. Take time… Twinkle!
Understand others. Use your time well.
Value others. Visualise vital vibes.
Wish for realistic wishes. Want nothing.
X factor you have it and extra. Xerox your best bits.
Yearn for yellow – sunshine and buttercups. Yippee!
Zing! Zigzag through your zone. Add zest, zeal and zip to your life!

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