Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Ads - a poem from Joy Rice

There's Christmas ads on TV,
that tug at the heart strings.
Lots of images of family fun,
and all sorts of wonderful things.

There's Christmas lights up in the town,
trees and decorations everywhere.
But where is there a nativity scene?
I can't see one anywhere.

There's plenty of Christmas spirit about,
wine, liquor and plenty of booze.
Buy one get one free offers.
Tell me, how can you refuse?

There's queues in the supermarket,
people buying food for a feast.
But what about all those without?
Can we share a least?

Where is the true spirit of Christmas?
The reason that we all celebrate...
We're supposed to remember a special baby,
not to pile up the food on our plate

Remember the food banks this Christmas.
Remember the poor and the lost.
Remember Christ born in poverty.
Remember to give without counting the cost.

Share what you have this Christmas.
Let's see what good you can achieve.
Christmas is a time for sharing and giving,
and it's better to give than to receive!

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