Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year to you and yours,
and a blessed two thousand and fourteen.
Hope that this year will be amongst,
the best there's ever been.

Life is for living - make the most of it!
Enjoy it - don't rush.
Have fun - play some games
But don't waste too much time on candy crush!

Don't bother with resolutions...
They get broken any way...
But...maybe..try to do some thing positive,
each and every day.

A smile costs you nothing.
A kind word can mean a lot.
So why not share the little things?
Spread some of the happiness that you've got.

Whatever this year brings to you...
There will always be some troubles and some strife.
Make the most of all opportunities.
Enjoy it all and embrace life!

May 2014 but a great and positive year for you!

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