Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Poems inspired by carrying the flame

Inspired by John 15 v16

16 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit— fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

Chosen to carry the flame
A dismal life unsure, still and frozen,
until the flame came and I was chosen.

I did not seek or chose to embrace the light,
the flame sought me out and set my soul alight.

Sparks flickered, I was chosen and appointed.
Burning brighter, mightier, by God's flame anointed.

Kindling, glowing, like a candle centrally placed,
Love lighting many darkness’s faced.

Illumination so purposefully planted,
an inferno of grace, God given and granted.

I'll carry this flame, to shine throughout our nation.
Sharing the love and light of God. Let it be a conflagration!

 Joy Rice

 Topsy The Tortoise

What am I thinking as I walk along slowly?
What am I thinking as I amble along?
Are they just jumbled thoughts as the rainspots fall on my head?
What is my destination. Or am I just wandering?
How far have I travelled since I began my journey?
I am so majestic as I slowly make my way along this narrow path.
I must be careful though that I don't meander too far left or right. I might fall off.
My shell is beautifully patterned in a wonderful mosaic.
I am beautifully crafted in my own way.
God made me this way.  I wonder why he did.

As the rain begins to fall heavier now, maybe this is the time to retreat for a while.  Pause, take stock, plan my next adventure before it is too late.
But wait the rain is stopping. The sun is coming out.
It is getting warmer, and I can feel the warmth through my shell.  I like the sun.  I poke my head out once more.
Shake it a bit and then proceed on my adventure to the lettuce patch.
It is wet and I nibble a piece.  It is very refreshing and revives me.
What a relief I was feeling a little lethargic and now I have restored my energy levels.
Now I wander back and retreat into my shell for a sleep.  How wonderful!!!!
                                                                  Kathryn Taylor


There is a smell. There is a noise.
A screaming alarm, we move, no poise.
Where’s the fire we ask with fear.
It’s getting near, so very near.

This earthly fire which knows no bounds.
Consumes and hurts as it moves around.
It leaves so little in its wake.
Our dreams, our hopes, our loving keepsakes.

Unlike the fire God gives us all.
To nurture, feed and most of all, to pass this spark to those who need.
This fire of love, this tiny seed.

Don’t stand and stare, the spark with fade.
Move it on to those He made.
His glow in darkness makes us see.
We can , with love, help those we meet.

So can we carry , by God’s grace,
This flame into another place.
This kindling’s damp and stale – but wait,
God’s spark with love and grace is great.

       Ida Bede


God's love is a FLAME.
Like a candle, that cannot be extinguished,
even if you try to,
It re-ignites and glows again.

CARRYING implies moving on,
Taking something somewhere,
Running with those God has surrounded us with.
When we are chosen to carry the flame,
we have to accept that we are carriers,
We are infectious, we risk starting an epidemic!

 Inger Collier,
Creative writing group CWF 2016,inspired by Kelly  Wellman's talk on
Carrying the Flame.

My inspiration came from the card with the Biblical text from Matthew Ch.3 v 11.  ‘He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire’.  I wrote it ‘as a follower of John’:

Someone is coming, someone with power?
Who is this person – when will be the hour?
I know that I need to repent and be saved
to walk in a way that is level and paved.
I’ve followed John, heard his words – understood
how to live wisely, how to be good.

Someone is coming, do I need to stay?
I know about life – but do I know the way?
Perhaps this is my moment, I’m beginning to tire
‘baptize with the Spirit and baptize with fire’?
New words to me but I like what I’ve heard
I long to be challenged, I long to be stirred.

Someone is coming, my heart’s beating fast
will he be transforming, will my life change at last?
Jesus before me, I feel all aglow
I’ll follow you Jesus wherever you go,
you’ve fired my journey of faith with a smile
I’m burning, I’m bright, I’ll blaze every mile.

Someone has come – thank God.

Margaret Withers

Swanwick 2016 -  Kelly carries the Flame

Kelly was like Jonah
Trying to resist The Lord!
The Lord, He did not phone her
But He called and called and called!

He wanted a new prophet,
Not old and male and grey,
But young. female and "with it"
To preach The Word today.

She was chosen to go forward
Carrying the torch.
The flame that keeps on burning
Will strengthen but never scorch.

The flame of love sustains us
As back to homes we go,
Knowing that through Jesus
All our lives will surely flow.
Annette Scholes

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