Friday, 4 July 2014

Ecstatic Pudding - ebook

Joy Rice is a writer and poet and ebook author 
of Ecstatic Pudding a collection of poems. 

She has been writing for most of her life, professionally as a teacher and composing poetry for fun since 1990’s. 
Joy is a performance poet, entertaining and amusing local groups for charity.
Self-published booklets have raised funds for LORUS hospice and for the Boy’s Brigade.
Joy lives in Nottingham and writes poems that reflect her humorous, quirky slant on life.

Her ebook – Ecstatic Pudding is now out there in cyberspace!

The website is now up and running

She also has a Facebook Page
Joy’s Poems - on which she tries to put a poem or a few verses each day.

Why not LIKE and check it out?

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