Friday, 4 July 2014

Publicity - Job Description

Christian Women’s Fellowship - Publicity 

This role did not exist a few years ago. The role has become what I have made it; you may have more original ideas as to how you want to take it forward!
In a nutshell – Make Poster – Write article – Newsletters – Badges – Your own ideas!

Attend Planning meeting  after Swanwick usually May/June – suggest ideas (with others for a theme).Often a theme may have been decided at the lunchtime planning meeting at Swanwick – so I tend to Google ideas for a logo and take to this meeting.
When theme decided - design a poster – send to others on committee for feedback. Then use poster for publicity purposes.

Ways to advertise CWF – via poster & any flyers etc. (that you may wish to produce).
I have a generic flyer A4 & A5 size that I can email to you for info/use or you may wish to re-do.

Article - write a report or article for your Church magazine - I have sometimes emailed this to email contacts for use in their Churches magazines. Also put onto blog and Facebook. Can edit this for Reform.

Reform - (I’ve only had minimal luck here) 

Email – I have email addresses for several of women who attend.

Synod Offices - email poster/flyer/article/or any info to them. 

Internet To publicise CWF I created this blog
I think that others can publish on this – but I could always copy and paste if need be.

Facebook – I also created a Facebook page – Christian Women’s Fellowship

Newsletters    After the Planning Meeting write the Spring/Summer newsletter.
Email to the Booking Secretary for her to send out to all the postal and email addresses.
Around the end of August do the same for the Autumn newsletter.  The Booking Secretary will then send it out along with the booking form for the next convention.

Other     About the end of January liaise with the Booking Secretary over the names of attendees.  Make name badges.  (for security reasons the Hayes likes the name of the organisation to be on the badge as well as the attendee’s name.)  Take the completed badges to the convention.
On arrival at Swanwick help the Booking Secretary by putting notices up in the conference hall.                                                                             

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