Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Autumn Newsletter

Next year's conference - 23rd - 25th February 2018                                                                                                   
at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick. Derbyshire
Welcome to the C.W.F. Autumn Newsletter and booking details for the 2018 Christian Women’s Fellowship Convention   Theme- Your Life in God’s Balance

A time for sharing in study sessions and workshops; relaxation and quiet times, and returning home with new ideas. We are still praying for new Christian women out there to come and join us and make new friends.

As this year’s Convention reminded us it was a time to be blessed and assured and also we enjoyed reminiscing, next year’s Conference theme is ‘Your life in God’s balance’, For all those attending there is opportunity for you to put your talents to good use.
The details are as follows:                                                                                     

 Date: Friday 23rd-Sunday 25th February 2018
The Key Speaker: will be the Rev Dr Kate Coleman who is founding Director of Next Leadership and is a mentor and coach to leaders.  She is recognised as one of the 20 most influential black Christian women leaders in the UK.
The Communion Service will be led by Rev Marion Thomas and the Bible Study by Kath Lonsdale.

Nominations: we have two vacancies on the Committee: 1) Booking Secretary and   2) one Committee Member.  Please prayerfully consider these positions and if interested please contact Sara Millard the Booking Secretary.

Grace  As there is a new system for our meals, we decided to write each grace for the tables, ask members to sit down first, say grace, and then assist anyone who needs it as they collect their meal. We hope this will be easier for everyone.

Life Balance – exercises and   meditation [max. 12]                  Helen Moir
Writing workshop     Sue Germaney           Bring pen & paper or tablet; You might also like to bring a small picture, memento, anecdote etc. that inspires you to write things down
Music  Carolynne Hannabus /Ruth Filsak  tbc    A love of singing together
Prayer/collage           Vera Gilbert     Write a brief statement, draw or paint a picture on a small piece of cloth [no bigger than a piece of bunting], depicting where you feel close to God

Musicians – if you play an instrument and would like to accompany us in our worship during the weekend, please get in touch with Yvonne Attry, the Programme Secretary by email: yvonne.att3.t21@btinternet.com

Present Stall: This worked well this year and is back by popular request - please bring a wrapped gift (it need not be expensive, but something you would like to receive) for around £1 to put on the stall.  Money raised will go into the C.W.F fund.  

Offerings collected during the weekend support charities at home and abroad - so please come along with your ideas for these collections.

And now to the all-important cost of the weekend
The Committee have decided the cost will be £145.00 for an en-suite room and £117.00 for rooms in the main building. [No increase in price]

Day Visitors: are more than welcome: The cost, including morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner will remain at £40.00.

Subsidy Fund: we have a subsidy fund which is there to help anyone who might be deterred from coming by the cost of travel/or the weekend.  If you would like to apply to the fund please e-mail the booking secretary in confidence.
Have a very good rest of the year.  We shall all be together very soon and February is not that far away when you have got something to look forward to. 
 If you have any further questions please e-mail Sara Millard, Booking Secretary cello67@hotmail.com  or Yvonne Attry, Programme Secretary yvonne.att3.t21@btinternet.com
Hope to hear from you soon   Yours in Christian Fellowship     The C.W.F. Committee                                                                                 

Thursday, 27 April 2017

C.W.F. Spring Newsletter

Welcome to the C.W.F. Spring Newsletter, this years 90th Annual Conference theme was Blessed Assurance.  

Women were asked to write a 90th Birthday Hymn.  The one selected was called Creator God, Father and Mother written by Joy Rice and the music was kindly provided by Graham Westcott.

We were certainly blessed and assured with our Key Speaker who was the Rev. Kate Bottley , who has appeared in the Channel 4’s T.V. Series Gogglebox.  She really made us laugh and everyone was in stitches when she did her talk.  During her talk we felt really Blessed but at the same time we were challenged to remember we are a “Resurrection People” does something have to close “die “ in order for us to be guided to something new and different?  And when did you last share your faith with someone

 The Work Shops were very well attended and the products of the 90th Banner and the Churches where I Worship Collage- here are the pictures of the 90th Banner and the Collage below.  Also the committee would like to thank all the leaders of all the workshops for leading their respective workshops including Head Massage etc.

The ladies all enjoyed the 90th Birthday cake.  And pictured below are the Ladies that came to the Conference for the first time ever and also the ladies that have been coming for the most years.  So let us give a great big thank you to Sue Simpkin for making it.

Joy Rice compered the Saturday Evening entertainment and as usual the ladies did not let us down on their talents.

The Sunday Morning Bible Study was taken by Vicky Longbone, and she looked at the Language of the Bible and she gave us a short exercise to do- to change him to her in the Bible. Then we had a lengthy discussion about this and it really brought some challenging things about the Bible.

The weekend culminated in communion which was led by Eileen Williams.
The Overseas Collection Raised for Bethany School at Bethany was £468.49(Saturday Evening)
And the Oasis Bus Halifax £515.63 (Sunday Morning)
The Present Stall Raised £120.00                   Fair Trade Stall Raised £234.75
Glass Stall Raised £37.00 (Percentage)

2018 Conference Friday 23rd February –Sunday 25th February.
The Committee are working tirelessly on the theme for next year’s Conference.  Also we welcome Sue Germaney to the Committee

I have a small announcement to make it is with regret that Kate King Smith has passed away after a short illness. She was a regular at Swanwick and well liked and very funny.  Please remember her in your prayers.

Have a great Summer and I will be back in the Autumn with details of our 2018 Conference 

Love and God Bless 
Sally Faulks