Sunday, 5 March 2017

Hymns to celebrate our 90th anniversary

The following 3 hymns were written in answer to the challenge to write a new hymn to celebrate CWF's 90th anniversary.

Tune Hyfrydol

We will sing the wondrous story
of Christian Women’s Fellowship.
Year by year we give God glory
sharing talents through His gifts;
singing, walking, art and dancing,
workshops planned for every age
concerts too are life enhancing
warm applause for all on stage!

We’ve been blessed by all our speakers
wisely teaching God’s own Truth,
and Bible studies by our leaders
from Hebrews, John, Isaiah, Ruth.
At business time we keenly listen,
decide good causes to support,
choosing books becomes our mission
Traidcraft goods are swiftly bought.

Worship brings a close relation
Communion shared with bread and wine,
thanking God for Christ’s salvation
testament to love Divine.
Chapel’s peace is always welcome,
grace and mercy guide our prayers.
We are called to shape the Kingdom
Spirit-filled by God who cares.

Yes, we’ll sing the wondrous story
as we gather at The Hayes.
Nine decades of love in action
Jesus - Saviour - voices raised;
seeking, learning, lives transforming
centred on God’s living Word,
friendships forged have been heart-warming,
thankful praise is seen and heard.

By Margaret, Kate, Sybil, Lynette & Jen


At the end of my prayer    (suggested tune –Slane -  Be thou my vision)

In times of Joy, celebration and praise,
my songs of hope to God I raise.
Creator God, guardian of my days.
I know you’re there at the end of my prayer.

When troubles come, as they often will,
you calm my thoughts, make my fears be still.
I know where to turn, I know who will care.
For God is there at the end of my prayer.

When in despair, sorrowful tears I have cried,
I feel your presence walking by my side.
My comforter, my friend and my guide.
Keeping me safe, in answer to prayer.

When skies are grey; and the loud thunder roars,
dark storm clouds burst and rain down pours.
Your rainbow after… proves that I am yours!
O, Lord my God, I thank you in prayer.
The surging surf, the wild stormy sea.
Water of life, created in me.
I wonder… just how can it be?
That one so powerful answers my prayer.

My soul cries out to you, my Lord.
My life and yours in full accord.
My spirits rise, my hope restored.
For, you are there, at the end of my prayer.

God the father, Jesus the son,
Holy Spirit, awesome three in one!
You died for me ...and everyone.
I live for you through a life in prayer.

Joy Rice


CWF – 90th hymn
Creator God, Father and Mother.
You love your children like no other.
Daughters of God, we all stand proud,
praises to you, we sing out loud.

How blessed are we that we are yours.
Eternal love from you outpours.
Sisters together we meet through you.
Your spirit shining out in all we do.

Immortal Lord, divine, perfect.
Designer of life, our architect.
Fit us to serve, fully equip.
Women together in fellowship,

Ninety years, faithful and true.
Meeting together for love of you.
Friendships forged; strengthen for years.
Sharing our joys, our hopes, our tears.

Onward we go – don’t hesitate!
The future awaits – so celebrate!
Women together, we’ll never cease.
Blessed are we – we share God’s peace.

Joy Rice


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