Sunday, 9 June 2013

A poem about our email prayer link

My mate, God, is mysterious.
So I've heard people say.
And I, too, often wonder,
when I begin to pray.

I'm not the World's best prayer.
I don't always know not what to say.
I try to say what's on my mind & heart.
Being open when I pray.

Somedays I hardly pray at all,
And feel a bit of a fraud,
But I pray that He knows, before I pray
Cos He's such an amazing Lord.

I never asked for fame or fortune
So don't feel that I am miffed.
I never asked or went looking...
To get poetry and encouragement as a gift.

I never went looking for a ministry,
Of forwarding on requests for email prayer.
But requests come flooding in
So what can I do...but share?

Prayers sent off via the Internet,
An amazing tecnological link
Prayers whizzing off into the ether,
Faster than I can blink.

So thank you Lord for praying friends,
For people who are concerned and who care.
We're trying to show your love to all,
Thank you for our email prayers.

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